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Anhui Jiang wei Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in July 2009 , is located in Tongling City, Jinqiao Industrial Park, the registered capital of 63 million yuan , covers an area of 285,000 square meters . Is a national high-tech enterprise , Anhui innovative ( pilot ) enterprises and private technology companies.

The main products are explosion-proof capacitor plate , sheet metal welding , aluminum , injection molded parts such as capacitors accessories products ; LED encapsulation frame ; LED substrate material sapphire crystal rod and electroplating processing , in which the capacitor and explosion-proof cover of Anhui Famous Brand 2012 Anhui key new products.

The company follows the "science and technology are primary productive forces ," the purpose , and consistently carry out product innovation and technology development. Company's technology center in 2012 was identified as provincial-level technology center, has various patents 108 . An optical technology center with CAS , Hefei Industrial University, Anhui University of Engineering and other institutions to establish a long-term technology exchange and research cooperation , with a strong product development and technological innovation.

The company introduced Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions of advanced professional production equipment and testing instruments for product quality to provide a strong guarantee. Has formed an annual output capacitor cover 80 million , metal lug 600 tons , 300 tons rivets , aluminum 100 million , LED packaging bracket 1100KK, sapphire crystal rod 300000 mm and other capacity.

Construction companies to technological innovation as the core of enterprise development strategies , and strive advanced equipment, strict quality first, honest and trustworthy . The company passed the ISO-9001, ISO/TS-16949 quality management system certification , GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification , ISO-14001 environmental management system and other management system certification. Tongling City, was named the top ten enterprises integrity , outstanding foreign -invested enterprises , exports advanced enterprises.

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