"What If You SUDDENLY Found Marriage Teaching that Confirmed What You Have Been Feeling for Years? But Everyone Was Saying the Opposite?"
You have known in your heart that almost EVERYTHING taught about how to have a happy Christian marriage is basically WRONG! You have felt it. You have known it.
You have tried the "wife submit and follow the husband's leadership" plan.
You have tried the "wife respect the husband" plan.
You have tried the "Husband is the 'Servant Leader'" plan.
You KNOW these things do not work. They have been tried for fifty years and we, the church, have a 50% divorce rate - or MORE!
christian marriage help advice and counseling

Joel and Kathy Davisson
Internationally Known Pastors,
Bestselling Authors &

Christian Marriage Coaches
Dear Friend:

Is your marriage in trouble?

Are you finding that you are yelling, screaming and fighting in frustration with each other?

Are you blowing up because your husband never does anything that you ask him to do -- and your blow ups are making you look crazy?

Is someone in your house having an affair? (emotional or physical?)

Are you unable to sleep at night because you are SO frustrated, hurt or angry sometimes?

Are you frustrated with traditional Christian marriage counseling and wondering why it doesn't seem to work for you?
It's Not Your Fault!

Traditional Christian Marriage Counseling Doesn't Work...And In Fact Makes It More Likely That Your Marriage Will Fail
Fourteen years ago, our own Christian marriage was in shambles. We had followed ALL of the traditional advice.

We had tried the old "the wife must submit" routine.

We listened to all the "big names," bought their books, studied their methods, and put everything we had into modeling our marriage based on what they were teaching.

Not only didn't all that work, it actually made things worse.

Our marriage was rocked by adultery, mental and spiritual abuse, and emotional abandonment.

We were on the express train to divorce.

But that was 14 years ago...before we found our miracle.

When we learned the truth about Christian marriages that work...

When we learned the real role of the Christian Husband...

And when we learned the real role of the Christian Wife...


For example:

truth about christian marriages The the role of the "Submissive Christian Wife" has been completely misunderstood. (In fact, a husband who insists his wife be a "submissive" Christian destroys marriages, and we'll show you why!)
truth about christian marriages How a husband can help his wife become the "Woman of His Dreams" who wants to be a blessing to him instead of feeling like she "has" to.
truth about christian marriages Truly successful Christian marriages many times do the exact opposite of what most Christian marriage "experts" teach. And yet they're the happiest couples by far AND are still living a life full of love for Jesus.

For a decade we put these new teachings into practice in our own marriage. We had our times when we were challenged on the path to recovery simply because everything we had learned was so new. And most of it went completely against the conventional wisdom that had brought us to the brink of divorce.

(So if you've tried what you thought was good advice, and it didn't work, now you know you're not alone.)

Basically, we lived it in our own lives for 10 years before we started teaching this to other couples, before we wrote any of our books, before we held a single seminar, and before we started going around the world in person and though the books helping marriages just like yours.

More than 10,000 Other Christian Couples Just Like You Have Started Realizing Dramatic Positive Changes in their Marriage!
Will You Be Next...?
These are just a tiny sample of the actual letters and emails we've received from couples we've worked with over the years, along with a few from relationship experts who have reviewed our material and wanted to let us know what they thought.

Can you see yourself in these? Do any of the challenges or emotions these couples are experiencing sound familiar?

"...Puts into a nutshell the answer to every problem in every marriage."

-- Charles and Frances Hunter, internationally known authors of more than 50 books
“A MUST for all my marriage counseling clients.”

-- Gary C. Lange, PhD, LMFT, LCPC, MS, LPC

"Your book is changing lives!"

“Joel and Kathy,

I want you to know your book is changing lives!

My husband has changed his attitude and is treating me like I’m his bride. We’ve been married 15 years. I hooked him on the book by reading him chapter 20 first! Hee hee hee!

One of my brothers is reading it and can’t put it down. After 20 years of marriage, his wife says he is now making changes and is even getting up in the middle of the night to read it.”

-- Allyssa Monroe, Alabama

"It's amazing how much progress we've made!"

“Hi Joel and Kathy!

Tina and I are doing great!

It is amazing how much progress we've made in our marriage in the past few months after 15 years of dysfunction.

I gave the book to my father (my dad and I are much alike). He is now working the program and attending our men's support group with Tom and Jim.

Your book is really changing lives!”

 -- Adam & Tina

"Problems have magically disappeared!"

“Dear Joel and Kathy,

This book has changed my life! Before reading it I felt like my 12-year marriage to Christine was at a dead end; there was no place to turn for help.

As I applied [your] principles, our relationship immediately changed for the better. I have gotten my act together; Christine’s problems have magically disappeared! I never would have believed this to be possible until I experienced it myself.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Joel and Kathy, for showing me how to be “The Man of Her Dreams”. Christine surely is “The Woman of Mine!” 

If not for [you] I would have missed out on all of the beautiful years that God has in store for my future as a husband to Christine. My three precious children would have missed out on having me as resident “daddy” and I would have missed out on being resident “daddy” to them. How blessed we as a family are.

May God bless you both.”

-- Kenneth Robinson, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I have my husband back!"

“Dear Joel & Kathy,

Mark took me to dinner for my birthday this week to a very lovely and romantic restaurant. Suddenly, he was down on his knees asking me to marry him again while presenting me with a 'knock your socks off' gorgeous ring! It was a very special moment and I was completely oblivious to anything else that was going on in the room...I have my husband back.”

-- Patty S.

"We are wonderfully in love! We never thought this could happen!"

"Dear Joel and Kathy,

God as done so many amazing things in our lives...Tim has spent spent more time at home than I could have imagined (and as reported in the last letter, we are actually wonderfully in love! We never thought this could happen!) I wonder what will happen when the world sees husbands loving their wives as Christ loves the church!  I believe you have the ministry of the day, next to worshipping God himself." 


-- Lisa

"Life is so sweet, it almost doesn't seem fair!"

"[My husband now] loves me every minute of every day and I know it. He listens to me when I talk (most of the time) and when I ask him to put down the paper and look at me while I am talking, he does and then says "I'm sorry honey".

Why did it take us sooooo long to be nice to each other. It has only been a month, but God has blessed us so much because we are both doing what he wants us to do, Inside and outside of our home
. OH YEAH, I ALMOST FORGOT-WE WENT BOWLING ONE NIGHT AND I NOTICED THAT EVEN HIS BUTT LOOKED BETTER. Thank you Lord and thank you JOEL and KATHY... Life is so Sweet, it almost doesn't seem fair."

-- Deb D (of Deb and Gary)

"You have definitely been a blessing to us!"

"Joel and Kathy,

I have had so many things in my life that have caused me pain.  From my father (parents) to one failed marriage to failed relationships.  My strength has come from God, but Joel and Kathy have given me tools to apply to my second marriage so that we can have the best marriage ever.  Through this application I can be healed by my husband.

Thank you Joel and Kathy for sharing your own circumstances to bless others.  You have definitely been a blessing to us."

-- Shannon (of  Kirk and Shannon)

"I will be forever grateful to you for saving our marriage!"

"Joel and Kathy,

Thank you so much for sharing your story on how to have an Outrageously Happy Marriage...I know there is hope and now we have the information to have an Outrageously Happy Marriage.  I am truly getting healed from the past through my husband.  I will be forever grateful to you and your Ministry for saving our Marriage."

-- Kristin

"We are truly blessed!"

"It is truly an act of God that our children are living in a peaceful intact home today. We know that the Lord led us to your books. He used your testimony and the testimony of others restored after taking hold of your new marriage paradigms to give us hope.

We are praising God that your family has showed such strength and that you have continued to battle for marriages through this tough season of your lives.

We would just like to say thank you that we were able to enjoy a wonderful holiday with our children today because of your strong faith, sacrifice, and willingness to live out the Christian life for real. This Thanksgiving together would not have been possible without us finding your ministry.

We are truly blessed to have benefited from your wisdom, faith and perseverance and for that we are very, very thankful."

-- Kim and Paul

"If you think that your marriage is over and it can't be fixed,
then you are wrong."

"I felt like my marriage was over. 

We have been together for 20 yrs.  I was so lonely in my marriage and felt like nothing could break down the walls between us.  I prayed everyday to love my husband and to be in love with him.

Everyday was really hard for me.  It seemed to me that no matter what I tried to do to get him to "love me" or "make me feel important to him" it was a waste of time. Some things might work for a little while and I'd be happy and then he would go back to his old ways and my heart would feel heavy again.

I was feeling like a worn out psycho Yo-Yo.
If you think that your marriage is over and it can't be fixed, then you are wrong.  Joel and Kathy, through honest, sharing, and God's grace, can help you take your blinders off.  They can help you refill your heart with the love that you once shared with your spouse.  He will become more than the man of her dreams and she will become more than the women of his.   I know it's going to be better than I could ever have imagined.

Most people say "Well what do you expect when you are together 20 years?"  I say I expect an amazing, open, honest, carefree relationship with my Best Friend, My lover, and My Husband, who loves and cherishes me with every breath.
Thank you Joel and Kathy for following God's calling for you to share your pain so that others can heal."
Your Sister in Christ,

-- Deb Davies

To date we've worked with over 10,000 Christian couples just like you through our books, DVD sets, live seminars, Weekend Intensives, nationwide phone marriage mentoring and more.

Now we are offering something new to help even more couples go from misery to an Outrageously Happy Marriage! This course is going to go around the world and reach millions - and you are one of the first to experience it!

Based on our own experiences and a growing body of evidence from our own marriage ministry, we believe these are the most powerful methods available for Christian couples who want to make their marriages work the way God intended.

"This Sounds Great, Joel and Kathy, But What if I'm the Only One Who's Committed to Making a Change?"

We sometimes get asked this question, and it's not hard to see why. It's rare that both spouses in a marriage will have the same view of that marriage, or be completely "in sync" about when, what, or even if, things need to change.

The truth of the matter is this...

Even if you're the only one who wants to make your marriage work, you can do it.

It's vitally, VITALLY important that you understand this. You and your spouse do not need to be in total agreement that you need help. Even if one of you is completely unaware of the problems your marriage is facing.

In fact, most of the couples we work with came to us because either the wife or the husband -- but frequently NOT both -- sought help.

We have specific strategies for a wife to practice if her husband is not interested; and we have a whole set of different strategies for a husband to utilize if his wife is not interested.

So please, don't be discouraged because you think you're alone in wanting this to work. It happens all the time and in no way does it impact your chances for success with this program.

Don't Just Save Your Marriage...Completely Transform It!

Now, one other thing we want you to keep in mind...

What we're talking about here is not just "saving your marriage." It isn't just doing the absolute minimum so that you can "put up with each other."

Insanely low standards for that kind of marriage have no place in what we show you how to accomplish. That's not a life filled with joy. It's an "existence." If that's what you're after, this isn't for you.

Of course we'll show you some immediate steps to take if you're in the "red zone." We understand that some marriages are on the brink (we've been there ourselves don't forget) and need some emergency action. We work with couples like this all the time and know how to handle it.

So yes, you're going to learn about the things you need to do immediately to prevent divorce, end separation, stop fighting, prevent (or recover from) adultery, or any other pressing issue that's destroying your marriage.

But eventually that issue is going to get resolved. And when that happens, once we've dealt with the emergency issues, that's when we start working together to transform your marriage.

Where we're going to get you is to
the point where your marriage is outrageously happy, not just where it survives.

So, now let’s talk about how we’re going to get you moving in that direction starting RIGHT NOW.

We’ve spent the last four plus years healing relationships and putting couples on track for the best experiences they’ve ever shared as a couple.

That’s the “20,000 foot view” of what we do.

Here's exactly what we suggest you do right now to fix your marriage before it's too late!

Step 1: Repair
What You Can Expect During this Stage:

This is the most intense part of your course.

During Step 1, you need to see why everything you've been taught about having a successful, loving marriage has been wrong (and has probably been making things worse!).

During this step, you'll experience your first "Eureka!" moment as you finally get the true "secrets" of outrageously happy marriages, and begin to understand how to bring this into your own relationship.

Main Objective:

You'll notice immediate and dramatic changes in your marriage, often within 24 hours of receiving the course material.

The main objective of this part of your course will be immediate healing of the issues that are driving you and your spouse apart.

IMPORTANT: This section will show you how to "save your marriage" -- even if you think it's beyond repair.

It's important to stablize your relationship before we move on to Stage 2, which is where the magic really happens!
During Step 1, You'll Discover How to...

Finally once and for all let go of the "baggage" that you think is destroying your marriage.

Put an end to the bickering and fighting that's making your life miserable.

Dissolve the frustration, pain, and worry that may be so bad it's keeping you up at night.

Instantly end any infidelity (either emotional or physical) that may be occurring in your marriage.

Recover from the pain and resentment caused by unfaithfulness.

See clearly for the first time in your life God's true plan for your marriage -- the true role of the Christian wife and the true role of the Christian husband.

What's Included:

Two full marriage manuals totaling more than 600 pages:

-- The Man of Her Dreams / The Woman of His
-- Livin' It and Lovin' It

Four Hours of Video Instruction from Our Live Marriage-Success Seminar

Live phone support through our three weekly teleseminars (Included FREE for a limited time!)

24/7 one-on-one support through our member's only online marriage forum (Included FREE for a limited time!)
Sample Video from Stage 1

"Why Baggage Doesn't Matter"

(Note: THIS IS A SMALL "SNIPPET" FROM THE FULL VIDEOS YOU'RE GETTING. Also, the videos in the actual course don't include the "lower third" URL tagline, which can get distracting. They are also larger and higher quality than these samples.)

Step 2: Rebuild
What You Can Expect During this Stage:

In Stage 2 you'll continue to build on the principles you discovered in the previous sessions.

The issues that have plagued your marriage -- many times for years! -- have largely vanished. You have a new relationship with your spouse and the true plan for your marriage is becoming clear.

Any fighting or bickering that you were suffering from before has, by this stage, largely disappeared.
(Some couples who have experienced this describe it as "magic.") Any threats of infidelity should be a distant memory by this point.
Main Objective:

Now that your marriage has been "saved," we can really get down to business :)

The main objective of Stage 2 will be to start your marriage on the path to true bliss.

By the end of Stage 2, you will have 95% of the knowledge and tools you need to experience the kind of marriage most couples only dream about.

If you want to take your marriage "to the next level," you can add on the teaching material from Step 3 for the small price of $47. (Step 3 is included FREE with your order today!)
During Step 2, You'll Discover How to...

Develop new habits that will form the foundation for a marriage that's truly built to last.

Affair-proof your marriage once and for all.

Ensure that your wife will always be sexually available.

Create the kind of marriage where your wife wants to be a blessing to her husband, instead of feeling like she has to.

Understand what a husband is really after when he flirts or "takes a second look" -- and how to make him never want to do either one again.

What's Included:

Two full unabridged audiobook versions of our marriage manuals.The audiobooks can be burned to a CD, downloaded to an iPod or MP3 player, or listened to on your computer.

(The audios will help internalize the principles and make your marriage transformation happen twice as fast!)

Four Additional Hours of Video Instruction
from our live Marriage-Success Seminar

Continued live phone support through our three weekly teleseminars

Continued 24/7 one-on-one support through our member's only online marriage forum 
Sample Video from Step 2


(Note: THIS IS A SMALL "SNIPPET" FROM THE FULL VIDEOS YOU'RE GETTING. Also, the videos in the actual course don't include the "lower third" URL tagline, which can get distracting. They are also larger and higher quality than these samples.)

Step 3: Revive!!
The Advanced Marriage Miracle Sessions
(Additional Price: $47)
(Now Included FREE with Your Online Order Today!)
What You Can Expect During this Stage:

Quite simply, during this stage you're making your marriage better and better every single day.

By this time, you have probably internalized your new approach to your marriage and everything is coming naturally to you.

Main Objective:

To help you create an "outrageously happy marriage!"
During Stage 3, You Will...

Replace thoughts about "saving your marriage" with a new focus on making your marriage perfect.
What's Included:

An additional month of live phone support (a total of THREE full months!) through our three weekly teleseminars

LIFETIME 24/7 one-on-one support through our member's only online marriage forum

15 hours of downloadable audio marriage coaching sessions -- these are special sessions for our Advanced Members only!

The complete "One-Minute Teachings" DVD set in downloadable format

A lifetime subscription to our bi-weekly support letters (extended from two months)

The full MP3 audio version of our entire 8-hour live Bradenton marriage seminar (burn to a CD, transfer to your MP3 player, or listen on your computer)
A Special Closing Message from Joel and Kathy

Let's Quickly Go Over This Offer...

You're Getting... True Value Your Price Today
truth about christian marriages Our two acclaimed marriage manuals $35 Included
truth about christian marriages 8 Hours of Video Instruction from our live Marriage-Success Seminar $55 Included
truth about christian marriages Full anabridged audiobook versions of our two marriage manuals (a full 13 CDs worth of content!) $95 Included
truth about christian marriages Two Three full months of live phone support through our three-times-a-week teleseminars $100 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages Two months Lifetime 24/7 one-on-one support through our online marriage forum $100 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages The full audio versions of our Marriage-Success Seminar suitable for burning to CD, transferring to an iPod or MP3 player, or listening at your computer $75 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages Our complete "One-Minute Teachings" 2-DVD set in downloadable format $25 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages 15 hours of live audio tutorials with couples in crisis (many of the issues we cover in these sessions are shared by you) $50 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages A two-month Lifetime subscription to our bi-weekly support letters to help you get the most out of each stage of the course.  $70 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages JUST ADDED! The complete "Marriage Miracle" Session 3 Tutorials! Don't stop with just "saving your marriage." Bring a true miracle into your life with the most advanced material we've ever offered online! $47 FREE!!
truth about christian marriages Our Full & Unconditional No-Questions-Asked 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee -- --

TOTAL $652 $247

But Don't Take Our Word for It!

Download Everything Now & Take 60 Days to Try it Risk-Free and Decide if it Works a Miracle in Your Marriage

Here's how the INSTANT DOWNLOAD works...

You're getting immediate access to our Private Member's Area where you can download everything described above, including our two marriage manuals (more than 625 pages worth of life-changing relationship insight) PLUS the full and unabridged audiobook versions in downloadable MP3 format, the entire video coaching series, the 15 hours of raw, unedited and unrehearsed couples coaching calls, and more.

You get the entire package PLUS access to our member marriage forums immediately, AND you'll receive the access codes for your free phone calls.

As part of this, we insist that you try everything for a full 60 days before you make a decision
about whether or not it's right for you.

If this doesn't do everything we claim and more, we will buy the entire program back from you -- no questions asked! -- and let you keep all of the free bonuses!

christian marriage help - click here to download

Did You Know...

Couples routinely invest $595
plus airfare, plus hotel, plus rental car to attend one of our Weekend Intensive Marriage Seminars, and we’re constantly sold out.

In fact, those private weekends, which we strictly limit to seven couples and seven couples ONLY, have generated more than 200 LETTERS OF THANKS from people who have completely changed their marriages 100% after just one weekend of working with us.

Taken together, everything we’re offering today represents a huge portion of the secrets that couples learn at our Weekend Marriage Intensives.

In fact, there's so much in this package alone that 90% of couples will completely transform their relationships from this material alone! EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED TO GET YOUR TOTAL MIRACLE IS IN THIS PACKAGE.

If you were to spend the hundreds of dollars it would normally take to get all of this material, AND come to a Weekend Marriage Intensive, it would cost you an average of $2,000 once travel and accommodations are figured in. 

Would it be worth it?

You tell me.

How much is saving your marriage worth to you?

What's the cost to your children's future? What's the "cost" of living in a marriage that is mediocre at best? What's the cost of a life unfulfilled?

These are your secret keys that will lead you to an outrageously happy marriage that few ever will experience.

Can you put a price tag on that?

Think about it this way...

If someone came to you and said, “I can solve every problem in your marriage and make you happier than you’ve ever been before in your life,” would that be worth $200 to you? How about $800? How about $8,000?

Of course it would.

But you’re not spending anywhere CLOSE to that amount to get your course today.

Please don't let your marriage continue to get worse and worse until, eventually, it ends up as just another statistic.

You can have an outrageously happy Christian marriage. We're living proof, and we've provided some quotes from other couples we've worked with thoughout this letter and below.

Take this step with us and start your course today 

Total package value: $652.00

Your price today: Just One Payment of $97


christian marriage help - click here to download

100% money-back guarantee

We just want to leave you with one last message from us, just so you understand where we’re coming from.

We want you to make a good choice about who you choose to work with to save, repair and improve your marriage, so we want to make sure you know absolutely everything about our methods and why they work, just so there are no surprises later on.

We are committed Christians. We believe that Christ has laid out a complete blueprint for both husbands and wives for how they’re supposed to act and treat each other in order to be blissfully happy in their life together.

HOWEVER, we do NOT believe in nor teach the innefective, traditional marriage teachings that have been routinely taught in Christian churches for years.

Christians as a group have a 50% divorce rate. Obviously, the marriage teachings that have been taught in most Christian circles for years DO NOT WORK! (Re: The husband is "the boss" and the wife is to simply follow his "leadership.")

We aren’t what many people would consider “fire and brimstone” types, but we are committed in our faith.

If this bothers you, perhaps what we’re going to share isn’t for you. My recommendation is that it’s still worthwhile to check out our material.

Many couples who did not consider themselves "Christian" have had the same transformation in their marriages that we had.
These are universal principles that work for every couple who wants to live happily ever after.

Remember, everything comes with a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

So if you find we’re not your style, that’s fine. No harm done. At least you tried us out.

We’ve found that most people, even those who don’t consider themselves particularly “religious,” have still realized amazing transformations using our program.

We hope you decide to check it out. If you do and decide it’s not for you, no hard feelings.

joel and kathy

P.S. Yes, the $97 price DOES include the entire three-part course described above. This is a ONE-TIME payment -- not a subscription price!

And yes, we know 60 days is a LONG time to offer a complete refund if the package isn’t right for you, but that’s simply how we prefer to do business. We insist you try it completely at our risk. We want you to have plenty of time to utilize ALL of the material and see the changes in your marriage and your life for yourself. This is the best way we know of to prove that what we do works.

Thanks again for reading, and God Bless!

christian marriage help - click here to download


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